Sleep Apnea Book: Searching for Sleep Tulsa Dentist, Dr. Frank Henrich

Introducing Dr. Henrich’s New Book:

Searching for Sleep  How Sleep Apnea Disrupts Your Sleep, Health, and Life.  

sleep apnea book by dr. frank henrich

In his new book about sleep apnea, Dr. Frank Henrich combines his personal journey of sleep apnea and his growing practice focus on treatment using oral appliances. Dr. Henrich wants everyone suffering from sleep-related disorders to understand the importance of treating the problem. The book offers a comprehensive view of how sleep affects our daily lives and productivity and our propensity for developing certain health issues.

As a dentist, Dr. Henrich sees first-hand how patients with airway issues also have related oral health issues. He offers practical solutions for all aspects of a sleep disorder.

Read the Foreword by Noah S. Siegel, MD, and learn more about how this book can help you regain your quality of life through an improved understanding of the value and function of sleep.